Pasture raised lamb, chicken, heritage turkey, and eggs

Burningheart Farm is a small farm with a mission: to preserve the art of sustainable farming, using no synthetic chemicals of any kind. Our methods produce pasture raised, non-toxic, nutritionally correct food for optimal health without the use of antibiotics, growth hormones, chemical anthelmintics (de-wormers), pesticides, herbicides, or synthetic fertilizers.

Our lambs are raised only on their mother's milk and pasture.

Our layer hens forage a natural diet from the pastures which creates very high quality eggs.

We custom make our broiler feed from certified organic whole grains (freshly ground daily). We use no soy for protein; we only use organic OMRI listed fish meal. The fish meal combined with pasture creates the proper omega 3 fatty acid content in the poultry meat.

The small size of our farm allows us to produce limited quantity with exceptional quality. An important part of our "small and local" philosophy is retailing directly to you.

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