What are people saying?

The blogger, The Good Cook, visited our farm and had some nice things to say:

"On Wednesday I traveled to Hackettstown New Jersey and picked up my winter supply of pasture raised lamb and chicken from Burningheart Farm. David Becker... is providing us with locally grown meats free of steroids, antibiotics and the harmful bacteria found in mass produced and slaughtered foods. What a treat to visit a beautiful, bucolic farm in the lush hills of New Jersey and actually SEE where my food was raised. The first meal I cooked when I got back from Burningheart was a simple Sage and Lemon Roasted Chicken~ with Garlic Roasted Broccoli. This chicken from Burningheart Farm was moist, juicy and flavorful. We all agreed that it was one of the best chickens we had ever tasted. There really is a difference folks."

The blog post provides a detailed recipe and pictures too!


"The turkey was delicious and really great quality." - Heidi W.


"Your products are the best quality around. You should raise your prices!" - Aleksey Zubarev